An American in Paris with orchestra

Seville February 2020
2 of February 2020

Cartuja Center

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Unlike other films that adapted Broadway musicals for the cinema, An American in Paris starts from an original idea inspired by George Gershwin’s famous piece of music with the same title. This musical composition is used brilliantly in the final 17-minute ballet, filmed in glorious Technicolor by Vincente Minelli and with multiple references in the sets to French impressionist painters such as Renoir or Tolouse-Lautrec, in a dazzling visual spectacle.

The romantic story of Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly), an American painter in Paris, who falls in love with Lise Bouvier (Leslie Caron), the fiancé of his good friend Henri Baurel (George Guétari) is the plot for a charming film, with a brilliant choreography of Gene Kelly and the music of George Gershwin.

The film includes many of George Gershwin’s most popular songs such as I got rhythm, ‘S Wonderful, Love is here to stay or Nice work if you can get it. These songs can be heard with the original voices of the actors but with the sensational orchestral arrangements performed live by the Camera Musicae Symphony Orchestra, with more than 60 musicians on stage, directed by maestro Anthony Gabrielle. VOSE projection.

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