About us

Reel Solutions is a promoter of film with orchestra events and a film consultancy firm with offices in Barcelona and the United Kingdom and a great knowledge of the sector in the areas of film festivals, programming, distribution and exhibition.  Our specialty in Spain is live film music productions. These productions require the coordination of many aspects of different film disciplines, like film exhibition and live orchestral productions in order to present both the musical and cinematic elements in excellent conditions.  Reel Solutions experience in the sector ensures the coordination of all the elements that make these film with orchestra events a unique experience, from the darkness of the venues to its acoustic qualities, so that the sound of the orchestra and the film together with the images can be enjoyed in the best conditions.

We carefully select our productions based on the film and its music qualities and take pride in taking care of special details like, for instance, returning the classic film Casablanca to the same venue which premiered in Barcelona in 1946.